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Division of Biochemical Technology
The Division of Biochemical Technology (BCT) offers a graduate program leading to a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Our pioneering program was initiated with the explicit purpose of producing exceptional biochemical technologists capable of conducting research in the field of biochemical technology and working in collaboration with engineers or other personnel to develop new technology for efficient utilization of Thailand’s bioresources.

An enhanced learning and training environment has been created for students and researchers at all levels here and through our national and international collaborations all around the globe. Students are provided with opportunities to explore various aspects of BCT research which focuses on the biochemical processing of biological materials. Present research activities include lipids, enzymes and proteins, flavors and carbohydrates and nucleic acids.

Courses are interdisciplinary and customer-oriented, open to both graduate students as well as any interested individuals engaged in research and manufacture of biochemical products. A number of student scholarships are available each year for qualified candidates.

Our graduates have moved on to careers in academics, as well as in industry, government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Degrees Offered
– Master of Science in Biochemical Technology (since 1997)
– Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemical Technology (since 2000)

Research Expertise
– Carbohydrate Technology
– Enzyme Technology
– Flavor and Perfumery Technology
– Gene Technology
– Lipid Technology
– Natural Products