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Ongoing research

  1. Fats and oil: Purification of rice bran wax, policosanol from rice bran wax, ultra high gamma oryzanol rice bran oil, reduction of refining loss in rice bran oil refinery.
  2. Gas chromatography: thermodynamic approach to gas chromatography and its application to identification of fatty acids and organic compounds without a standard reference.
  3. Liquid chromatography: separation of lipids into their classes by size exclusion HPLC to facilitate quantification.
  4. Biodiesel: continuous preparation of biodiesel and with non-conventional heat without heat. Correlation of structures and properties of biodiesel; cetane index, viscosities of neat and blends, vapour pressure.
  5. Preparation of biodiesel from different sources, bran wax, rubber seed oil, non-conventional seed oils.

Contact person: Asst. Prof. Kornkanok Aryusuk


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